Will the real Malcom, please stand up!

August 3rd brought an early morning filled with twists, turns and deceptions. What began as a quiet night, was soon interrupted by dogs barking. This is not unusual, given the high predator load of coyotes. But tonight was different as we were soon to find out. At about 3 am after calling in the dogsContinue reading “Will the real Malcom, please stand up!”

The balls are in your court now, girls.

Breeding season has officially begun! We are excited about this year’s pairings and the introduction of some unique color combinations. If the 2022 crop is any indication of what is to come, we will have several quality calves to offer up for sale. The Lineup Team Monte: Maizie & Marigold (Monte gets first shot, butContinue reading “The balls are in your court now, girls.”